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This series was born from a year of introspection and personal growth. A year of perspective, filled with heavy words and moments that were redefined and seemingly rediscovered. This series was about the mantra in which I wanted to shift towards moving forward. Taken straight from my journal, each word and phrase on these covers encapsulates the mantras that guided me through moments of change, resilience, and hope.


Change was upon us, and as a society we were in the midst of turning the chapter on the old age — entering a new era. I created these notebooks to inspire and motivate, while doing so with colorful intent. They were designed to be a canvas for ones creativity—whether that’s writing recipes, poems, journal entries, sketches, or whatever form of self-expression one desired. Finding that space to not only turn to self, but to harness and love self while doing the things we loved.


During a time of division and uncertainty, writing became my sanctuary—a way to work through thoughts and express gratitude. In the midst of darkness, I sought to bring a sense of light. These notebooks were meant to spark joy and inspire creativity — a canvas to dream, reflect, and grow.

A Letter to Myself

"Create a life from which you don’t routinely have to escape. Love yourself and others unconditionally. Be unafraid to open up and own your story. Be your truest, most authentic self unapologetically. Learn to listen. Listen, understand, and grow to your best ability. Choose to grow in all aspects of life.

Do something today that makes you better than yesterday, understanding that everyday growth shows up when needed most. Show gratitude and nurture your relationships. Remember why you do what you do. You’re a dreamer—a dreamer who acts. Never stop dreaming. Sacrifice not for immediate response but for the things you love and believe in. Dream big, never settle, and always ask yourself, ‘Why not? Why not you?’”


With every notebook purchase contributions were made to fund education projects worldwide. Since 2015, 7 schools have been built in places like, Mali, Laos, Guatemala and Ghana. While my contributions have been minimal in comparison, I am extremely grateful to be apart of programs that have done so much around the World.

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